Here is a list of our frequently asked questions.

1. How long do you play?

3 Hours then disco normally but this is negotiable.
2. What happens during your breaks?

We play dance music or appropriate CD's during our breaks it's like getting a free disco thrown in!

3. I'm a bit worried about volume?

We play as loud or quiet as we feel the event necessitates, however volume is very subjective so communication between the band leader and organiser is essential.

4. Will you be smart?

According to the event we will either be very formal or if it's a more Informal event smart matching stage wear.

5. Do we need to feed you?

Unless otherwise agreed at time of confirmation refreshments are up to the discretion of the client, although a fed and watered band is a very happy band!

6. Do I need to provide anything else for the Band?

You will need to remind your venue organiser the need to provide a secure changing room at the disposal of the band to change and leave personal belongings.

7. How do I confirm?

Once we have your go-ahead we will send you a confirmation letter which states all the agreed set up/ playing times and fee, any other additional terms and conditions would also be included. This agreement would be returned to us within 7 days signed by you with your venue address and an agreed deposit. The remaining fee would be payable at the beginning of your event.

8. I can't decide between a Band or Disco?

A good band that can read an audience is essential to a successful night. We are able to play for a wide range of age groups making sure everybody feels a part of the party. A common complaint of discos is that they play for the younger element in the audience and too loud!

9. What if I want a special song?

If you have a particular first song request (time & suitability permitting) we will be delighted to learn it for you. Throughout the night we continually ask for requests, so everybody has their chance to have there favourite song played.

10. Can my friend sing?

As long as we know the song to accompany them if it's okay with you it's okay with us.